Enhance with Exterior Lighting

Why let all the hard work that goes into a new construction project vanish when the sun goes down? When done properly, exterior lighting can enhance a home’s architecture, spotlight beautiful landscaping, and provide increased safety for residents and visitors. Present your project in the best light possible, at all hours of the day!

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As their name suggests, soffit lights are typically flush-mounted into a soffit. They’re perfect for highlighting the texture of siding.



Wash lights cast a soft, diffused glow. They’re ideal for subtly illuminating large, flat surfaces like facades and garden walls.



These compact fixtures project a narrow beam, making them ideal for precision lighting on architectural features or garden structures.

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These small circular lights reflect a halo of light onto the ground. They’re often used to illuminate planting beds, or as pathway markers. The fixture is always visible, so it’s important to consider a garden light’s finish and style.



Flood lights cast a wider beam than bullet lights, and shine brighter than wash lights. These lights should be used sparingly to brighten large, open spaces.



The bulb is encased in a waterproof housing and partially buried in the ground. These lights are most commonly used to illuminate the underside of foliage.

Safety Lighting

Safety Lighting

While not a bulb type in and of itself, it’s important to consider lighting that will provide visibility in areas that could be safety hazards – such as deck stairways and garden paths.

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Spotlight An Entryway

Wash, bullet, and soffit lights can be used in conjunction to instantly draw the eye to a statement entryway. Highlighting a majestic front door or stately columns will add a sense of grandeur, especially to smaller homes.

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Set the Mood

Outdoor lighting isn’t just utilitarian; it can also be used to decorate and enhance atmosphere. Fixtures that are always visible, such as garden lights, are a great opportunity to set the mood of an outdoor area. Lantern-styled lights add Old World charm, while Art Deco-inspired fixtures complement more modern aesthetics.

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Outdoor Living

We’d all love to have full moonlight on demand, but Mother Nature won’t always cooperate. A combination of wash and well lights, along with other flush-mounted fixtures, are ideal for creating a soft ambient glow that can be summoned with the push of a button. Remember that less is more when illuminating outdoor living spaces!

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Featuring: Water

Illuminating ponds, tiered fountains, and other water features creates a bit of magic after the sun goes down. Bullet lights can highlight a particular feature, while garden lights placed around larger pools of water provide glittering ambience. Water dissipates light, so if you’re using submerged lights you may have to use more lights than anticipated.

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