BMC Ready-Frame makes Hive Top 50 Category in Building Technology

READY-FRAME, our whole-house solution, makes framing better, faster, safer and greener. We take your plans and pre-cut, label and package bundles that are ready for your framers to assemble on the jobsite. You can frame in less time, with less labor, and less waste. Guaranteed!

Let Technology Put You Ahead of Schedule and the Competition with Computerized Pre-Cut Framing Lumber at BMC.


READY-FRAME®, The Whole-House Solution

How does it work? It’s easy! You give us the plans and we cut everything you need, just how you need it. The READY-FRAME® package ships Smart-Bundled —compact, pre-cut and labeled—ready for your framers to assemble on the jobsite faster and more accurately with less waste, resulting in a cleaner and safer jobsite. Built right the first time!

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Less Risk. Less Labor. Less Waste.

We Guarantee the Takeoff

We Guarantee the Takeoff

With READY-FRAME®, your plan goes through BMC’s Whole-House Design to optimize material usage, and identify potential plan errors that could result in material misuse and waste. Your takeoff is guaranteed!

Build 20% Faster with the Same Crew

Build 20% Faster with the Same Crew

READY-FRAME® efficiencies translate into optimized builds up to 20% faster than stick-frame construction with the same crew. (Results may vary by market). Build more houses in less time!

Build Greener, Cleaner, and Safer

Build Greener, Cleaner, and Safer

READY-FRAME® precision pre-cut and labeled bundles equal fewer cuts and less waste, resulting in reduced disposal fees. READY-FRAME® promotes an organized, safe and clean jobsite. You get exactly what you need!

Builder Questions

Will I Save Money If I Go to a READY-FRAME® Package?

YES! Our READY-FRAME® package is pre-cut, labeled and assembled to optimize efficient use of materials. You can frame in less time with less labor and less waste.

Will I Need More Technically Savvy Framers To Properly Use READY-FRAME® Packages?

NO! READY-FRAME® packages require less supervision in the field, and the organization of the deliveries create a neat and more orderly jobsite.

Will My Framer Charge Me More For Using a Complicated Technical Process Like This?

NO! Framers love our READY-FRAME® pre-cut lumber because it helps them do a better, cleaner, quicker job. And it’s safer too with less cutting.

Do My Plans Need To Be Perfect If I Use READY-FRAME® Packages?

NO! We frequently discover and correct architectural plan errors while going through the design process.

How Does a READY-FRAME® Package Affect Billing?

Because your price is guaranteed, a one line item invoice simplifies accounting and reduces administrative costs.


READY-FRAME<sup>®</sup> is better!


Computerized designs reduce mistakes and material misuse.

READY-FRAME<sup>®</sup> is faster!


Wall framing is pre-cut, labeled and ready to assemble. Save up to one day per floor!

READY-FRAME<sup>®</sup> is safer!


Less cutting on the job reduces injury risk for a safer and cleaner jobsite.

READY-FRAME<sup>®</sup> is greener!


Put less in the dumpster, reduce disposal fees and have a cleaner site.