Building Envelope

The Building Envelope gives us a lot to think about. After all, every component of a house or building plays a role in creating the conditions of the indoor environment. From windows to doors, and floors to walls, they all fit together like pieces of a puzzle. These elements provide protection from wind, moisture, cold, and heat. For the sake of simplicity, let’s start by contemplating the two most important concepts related to your structure’s building envelope integrity:

Thermal Control

Thermal Control

The thermal aspect of a building’s scope is crucial to energy efficiency and creating a pleasant indoor environment. This equates to the proper sealing and insulation of every integral component of a structure’s envelope. The need for adequate thermal insulation cannot be overstated.

Moisture Management

Moisture Management

Air isn’t the only nefarious element trying to infiltrate the integrity of a structure. Moisture and humidity can be a relentless and irritating nuisance that can create costly damages. A precise battle plan with the right materials will tighten up the envelope and save money.

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