Truss & EWP

Framing with BMC Components is an efficient, reliable solution for today’s builder. Systems are designed and optimized to lower cost while adding value to the framing process. BMC also offers a complete line of Engineered Wood Products and provides Value Add Processing that lowers install cost and reduces build time. 

Truss & EWP
Truss & EWP

Common Component Solutions

  • Engineered solutions ensure quality and efficiency while reducing warranty claims
  • Components are designed and constructed per approved building codes
  • Faster to install requires less skilled labor and reduced cycle time, lowering labor cost
  • Less jobsite waste leads to lower disposal fees and a cleaner jobsite
  • A green solution with optimized framing
  • Reduced jobsite loss due to damaged material, miscuts or theft

Roof Truss Advantages

  • Engineered roof system with all loads tracked
  • Minimize the need for interior bearing walls or support beams
  • Rapid installation enables faster frame dry-in times

Floor Truss Advantages

  • Greater span capability than dimensional lumber, thus potential to reduce number of interior bearing walls
  • Open framing solution which provides space for HVAC, plumbing and electrical runs without field modifications and additional back framing cost
  • Wide 3-1/2" nailing surface for easy floor deck installation

EWP Value and Processing Capabilities

  • Automated cutting systems provide accurate package production–no chainsaw cuts that need re-squaring on jobsite
  • Precision end trim options to minimize or eliminate jobsite custom-cutting
  • Precut holes for HVAC, plumbing and electrical runs that minimize damage caused by subcontractors when cutting in the field
  • Precut holes for conditioned airspace framing systems
  • Individually marked pieces matching EWP layout for faster assembly and lower cycle times
  • Lower package cost by optimizing lengths
  • Framing placement plans that help eliminate framing problems caused by lesser skilled labor or language barriers
  • Detailed layouts include features such as plumbing drops and mechanical runs for precut holes, avoiding costly field structural repairs