Engineered Wood Products

BMC offers a complete line of Engineered Wood Products and provides Value Add Processing that lowers install cost and reduces build time.

EWP Value and Processing Capabilities

  • Automated cutting systems provide accurate package production–no chainsaw cuts that need re-squaring on jobsite
  • Precision end trim options to minimize or eliminate jobsite custom-cutting
  • Precut holes for HVAC, plumbing and electrical runs that minimize damage caused by subcontractors when cutting in the field
  • Precut holes for conditioned airspace framing systems
  • Individually marked pieces matching EWP layout for faster assembly and lower cycle times
  • Lower package cost by optimizing lengths
  • Framing placement plans that help eliminate framing problems caused by lesser skilled labor or language barriers
  • Detailed layouts include features such as plumbing drops and mechanical runs for precut holes, avoiding costly field structural repairs

Our SawTek™ and Boise Cascade Engineered Wood Products can help you build more profitably. We offer a great selection of Plywood, Oriented Strand Board, Glued Laminated Timber, and Laminated Veneer Lumber. By pre-cutting and labeling projects before delivery to a jobsite with Boise SawTek™ cut system, EWP processing saves you time:
  • Lowering package cost by optimizing lengths
  • Decreasing installation time
  • Automating cutting system for more accurate package production
  • Decreasing jobsite waste with precision end trimming
  • Capacity for pre-cutting holes for HVAC & plumbing
  • Individually labeling pieces for faster assembly and lower cycle times

EWP Benefits

  • Designed solutions with greater design flexibility
  • Greater dimensional stability over solid sawn lumber
  • Longer lengths which are faster to install, reducing cycle time
  • Less jobsite waste; reduces disposal fees
  • Overall higher quality; fewer warranty claims
  • A green solution with enhanced use of wood fiber
  • Product backed by warranty and technical field support

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