Timber Truss

Building Careers That Matter

Stability. Strength. Precision. BMC’s Timber Trusses embody the qualities you hope for in your own career. BMC stands the test of time.

Think about beautiful castles. Grand universities. Proud monuments. They’re all built with a sense of long-lasting value—they are big ideas, brought to life. And you can build a career just like that at BMC. Equipped with innovative products like BMC Timber Trusses, you’ll build strong customer relationships that stand the test of time.

From our engineers to our designers to the builders in the field, BMC Timber Trusses are the perfect application of form, function, and style—enabling us to thrill our customers every time.

Nobody builds trusses like BMC. The Timber Truss is more than muscle-bound frame—they are structurally engineered works of art and the centerpiece of a home. Made from a range of gorgeous hardwoods, they are designed, engineered, and built in-house. They arrive pre-cut or fully assembled—delivered on time, to last a lifetime.

Around here we say, if you can dream it, BMC can create it. It’s true for our products and services, and it’s true for our people.