She's dedicated. She’s done everything from sweep floors to run complicated equipment to wrangle heavy machinery. Her family’s success motivates her. And as a forklift driver for BMC, Xiu has found opportunity to keep growing.

That’s part of what makes BMC such an inspiring place to be. We build careers for a diverse group of hard-working, highly driven professionals from all kinds of backgrounds—people with unique perspectives to share with their teammates, our business, and our clients.

Since emigrating from China two decades ago, Xiu has found her own piece of the American dream, rising through the ranks from cleaning to operating machines to building loads. All so her family can be comfortable and enjoy even more opportunities.

Which is part of the reason why Xiu hopes to retire with BMC. Because we believe people count—so we hire the best, win as a team, and support each other at every step.

Forklift Operator II - At BMC, the Forklift Operator literally keeps business moving. This role does some heavy lifting - ensuring that materials and finished components are moved safely and efficiently on location. This is a skilled job for a trained operator, and part of the BMC backbone - enabling our teams to deliver what the customer wants, when they need it, with service they can count on. View Job Description

“BMC is like family. I try to be nice to everybody and everybody is nice to me.” –Xiu

“I moved from China to the United States 20 years ago. I started working for BMC part-time, cleaning, and management liked my hard work.”

“They promoted me to the door shop, where I drove a forklift and learned how to run the Norfield Prehung Door Machine. I worked in Merced for 15 years and then transferred to Modesto as a load builder. Now I unload and receive rail cars and work in the dispatch office. I like to be busy—it makes time go by fast.”

“I want to work at BMC until I retire. Working for BMC has allowed me to buy a house and raise my children. And my kids don’t have to worry.”