Meet Adam

He’s got focus. He knows the importance of hard work, precision, and keeping the big picture in mind. And as an Operations Manager at BMC, he values the mentorship he’s received on his path to success.

That’s part of what makes BMC a special place to work. We know that identifying and nurturing an employee’s strengths encourages their commitment to one of our core values: integrity. When we say we’ll do it, we follow through. That means loyal customers.

Adam appreciates his relationship with one of BMC’s best business operators, who knows exactly when to throw a challenge his way. Now he can do the same for the people he manages—keeping them inspired to build momentum for exciting BMC innovations like READY-FRAME® and aspiring toward a bright future.

Operations Manager I - At BMC, the Operations Manager meets organizational challenges with confidence - it's a senior role that oversees every activity in a division. That means they handle the big picture and the critical details with equal skill. Our operations managers have aspecial talent for ensuring smooth, efficient processes. And as part of our company culture, it's equally important that they have a skill for nurturing and teaching people, too. It all adds up to creating successful relationships with our customers - they key to BMC's stellar reputation and business success. View Job Description

“We work hard, and we have a good time doing it. There’s nothing your colleagues, supervisors, or subordinates will appreciate and respect more than hard work.” –Adam

I have been lucky enough to be mentored by one of our company’s best business operators. He has taught me a lot about BMC, the building materials business, and life in general. He recognizes my strengths and challenges my weaknesses to help me become a more rounded, better employee. I believe that he has prepared me for the next step in my career.

One of the exciting things I am working on now is READY-FRAME®. I am managing our operation in Southwest Idaho. It has been challenging and exciting to try to get the word out about READY-FRAME® and increase sales and opportunities with customers.

As a BMC employee, it’s important to see the big picture. I want our new employees to learn and know the why, as well as the how, of their jobs. It’s important to be proficient at your job, but it’s also important to understand how your job fits and contributes to the big picture.

It’s also important for new employees to get involved at their location. Get to know the other employees, attend any company functions, and volunteer to help when needed.

The best part of my day is interacting with my co-workers. BMC is full of great people. They are a big part of what makes BMC.

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