Meet Eric

He’s a problem solver. He’s a family man who values friendship and fun. And when he’s working as an Inventory Control Manager for BMC, Eric is focused on turning happy customers into repeat business for his team.

Because at BMC, we put our customers first. To help achieve their home-building dreams, our employees brainstorm ideas, collaborate across departments, and forge relationships with teammates on a daily basis.

That’s perfect for Eric, whose favorite part of the day is interacting with his co-workers to not only find solutions for customers, but earn the trust, respect, and friendship of those working with him.

All of which helps our customers achieve their goals, while giving the team at BMC everyday opportunities to inspire each other.

Inventory Control Specialist I - At BMC, the Inventory Control Manager is at the hub of it all - touching almost every role within field operations to keep things smooth sailing. That means being a team player with a knack for optimization. They're in charge of making sure that inventory processes and procedures are done right - plus delivering on-target projections. Financial, operations, sales, delivery - this is a job that supports every corner of BMC's success. View Job Description

“BMC has given me very stable and secure employment, which has given me the freedom to relax and enjoy life.” –Eric

BMC enables me to spend plenty of time with my family and allows me to be home nights and weekends, which enables me to plan fun events for my family.

If I had one word to describe BMC, it would be “TEAM” because teamwork is the way BMC is successful. We have many different departments, but we all work together as one to complete our goal. We strive to please our customers, because a happy customer becomes a return customer—and return customers are what make BMC successful.

My advice to a new employee? Always relax and be yourself. And don’t be afraid to ask questions when you’re unsure—because the more knowledge you have, the more you will succeed.

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