Meet Joann

She’s a pioneer. She’s visionary. She has ambition and a built-in work ethic to match. And as a Truss Location Manager for BMC, JoAnn is following in her family’s footsteps, all while forging a path of her own.

That’s the kind of leader you’ll find at BMC. We build success together because we think big and aren't afraid to seize opportunities—which is what brought JoAnn to BMC.

Which is what brought JoAnn to BMC. The daughter and granddaughter of contractors, she knows the value of rolling up her sleeves and working hand-in-hand to create something new and better.

At BMC, we reward that kind of drive and willingness to collaborate. Which is why JoAnn’s team is dedicated not only to giving our customers the best products and services we can, but helping each other succeed.

Truss Manufacturing Location Manager - At BMC, the Truss Location Manager sees the big picture of production and distribution of trusses, walls panels, and other manufactured goods. Inspiring others with a can-do attitude, they direct supervisors, managers, and hourly employees - all while staying deep in the details of operations on location. With full responsibility for P&L, location managers stay sharp and focused on success - supported by the team atmosphere that makes BMC great. View Job Description

“BMC allows me to take on any challenge I’m up for. I love to learn new things and understand how everything works. BMC has given me a network of other colleagues to call on, if I have questions or ideas. Management is always looking out for your best interests, and will help you achieve your goals and BMC’s goals.” - JoAnn

I am the first woman Truss Plant Manager for BMC. This is a big step in changing the dynamic of the company and the lumber and truss industry. It’s great to work for a company that is willing to make change and have faith in the next generation.

My Mom has been a big influence in my life, she is very capable can do everything under the sun, from building a house to sewing clothing. My Mom inspires me to understand how the business world operates and instills in me that by working hard I can accomplish any goals I set for myself.

Every day brings new challenges, opportunities, and things to be learned or taught. When problems arise, there’s always someone that’s willing to help problem-solve and find the best solution for the company and our customers.

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