Meet John

He gets things done. He’s ready to adapt and has a plan. He’s passionate about efficiency—and as a leader in multi-family sales for BMC, he gets to use that enthusiasm and insight to the fullest.

That’s part of why BMC is a special place to work. We equip our employees to stay ahead of the game. We like momentum and foresight—and we want to bring out the best in you, so you can bring your best to every customer, every time.

We know that a more efficient sales force is a more successful sales force. John is always looking for the best path forward. He knows that continual improvement is the key to growth—both for him and for BMC.

Outside Sales Representative - At BMC, the Outside Sales Representative is defined by the three Es: efficient operations, effective sales, excellent service. Building relationships is the cornerstone of sales success - our reps secure new business to increase our market share and drive value. With total focus on new and existing accounts, they tend these relationships with the superior customer experience that is the hallmark of BMC. View Job Description

“I enjoy the end of the day chats I have with management. We catch each other up on what all went on that day and how we can continue to push forward. We are continually game planning for the future.” –John

At BMC, if we come up with a more efficient way to accomplish our goals, we adjust our processes and move in that direction. Our sales techniques and processes are ever evolving. There are very few things that are truly set in stone.

Life has ups and downs but over time BMC has always been a steady, stable rock in my professional career. And the industry has also had its ups and downs, but BMC has always had the mentality to continue to push forward. I’m currently working on several very large multi-family projects throughout Texas and Colorado. I am also continually helping to train our inside multi-family sales force, along with selling future projects.

My advice to new employees? Pay close attention to the veterans of the company. They are a wealth of information and most are willing to share it. You can learn from their experiences, the positive and negative ones, so you can succeed as they have.

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