Meet Lindsay

She never gives up. She brings her best to her team and stares down a challenge. And she builds relationships that last. As a BMC outside sales rep and a lifelong soccer player, Lindsay knows the value of thinking without limits and letting your talents shine.

And that’s just what we’re looking for at BMC: focus, drive, and a commitment to the team. Because we’re committed to growing our employees’ careers and equipping them to solve any challenge.

That’s just what Lindsay does: visualizes the goal, aims, and scores. She’s always on the lookout for a learning opportunity and loves working on a team—which is why her colleagues and customers trust her to lead the way, delivering on expectations time after time.

Outside Sales Rep - At BMC the Outside Sales Representative is defined by the three Es: efficient operations, effective sales, excellent service. Building relationships is the cornerstone of sales success - our reps secure new business to increase our market share and drive value. With total focus on new and existing accounts, they tend these relationships with the superior customer experience that is the hallmark of BMC. View Job Description

“Each day I find myself working with builders on their unique projects—and I love being invited out to the job at the end, to tour all of our combined efforts coming together for a beautiful end result!” –Lindsay

“I love my work as an outside sales rep for BMC, because every day brings new challenges. I love that everyone works together as a team. It takes everyone working together to ensure that our orders are done properly and in a timely fashion.”

“I want to help women know that this is an industry that can work for and with them. We need more women to help diversify this industry and see building homes from another perspective. Women have their own unique ability to visualize what a project could be and we bring a nice touch to each project. And women can bring to the table ideas for making the home more user-friendly before it’s built, as opposed to an after-thought once the home is lived in.”

“BMC is like a family—because just like a family, we all work together for a greater good. And when a person stumbles, BMC is there for them.”

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