Meet Sergio

He’s a morning person. A believer in the early bird’s advantage. At BMC, he knows that his team—and his customers—are most successful when he’s ahead of the game.

And that’s exactly where BMC helps him to stay. As industry leaders, BMC understands what it takes to remain at the forefront—Including solid relationships, inspired vision, and a commitment to putting people first.

As a BMC Outside Sales Representative, Sergio starts each day excited to represent a company that has integrity, leadership, and innovation at its core.

Outside Sales Rep - At BMC the Outside Sales Representative is defined by the three Es: efficient operations, effective sales, excellent service. Building relationships is the cornerstone of sales success - our reps secure new business to increase our market share and drive value. With total focus on new and existing accounts, they tend these relationships with the superior customer experience that is the hallmark of BMC. View Job Description

“At BMC we have every tool that you can use to be a successful sale representative. If you do your best, you will have a successful day at the end.”–Sergio

At BMC, I love that my days are rarely the same. I wake up early in the morning and I could start my day walking jobs or visiting customers or even having breakfast with customers—yes, I do this a lot! And I love that here at BMC we are the leaders, and will be the leaders. Our service is the best, and we stand behind our customers.

Right now, I’m already working on next year’s budget. And I’m working on a few deals that will bring more sales to BMC.

I recommend BMC as an employer. You want to work for a company that has been and will be around for a long time—and because you want to work for a company that cares about you.

And to new hires: give 100 percent the best of yourself. Don’t try to be a superhero, don’t promise something that you can’t do, don’t try to do someone else’s job. I can promise you that if you do your best, you will have a successful day at the end.

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