Meet Kyle

He’s forward-thinking. And he’s a giver. With an eye on the future and a heart of gold, he’s just the kind of manager BMC loves most—both looking out for business success and making a positive impact on his team and his communities.

At BMC, we understand that our growth depends on our employees’ growth. And for that, quality mentorship and training is required—it’s what makes it possible to move toward the future with the right people in place.

Kyle believes in BMC—in our continued success and industry leadership, our thriving customer relationship, and in the good work we do through charitable giving. Every employee gets to play a part in making a difference.

And Kyle looks forward to every day in the field, where he gets to work with a vast array of people and personalities. From the Canadian lumber mills, to the builders, to the homeowner choosing a beautiful finishing touch, Kyle is proud to be a part of the entire BMC story.

Location Sales Manager - At BMC, the Sales Manager is the hub of the most important relationships in our business - our relationship with our customers. This role directs and supervises all of the sales activities for our Inside Sales Reps at their location. Often, their team serves repair/remodel customers - where BMC's stellar quality makes a big and lasting difference. This position collaborates with location managers and market/segment sales managers with a focus on the three Es: efficient operations, effective sales, and excellent service. This means creating trusted relationships both with the team and with BMC's customers - for service they can count on, every time. View Job Description

“BMC continues to have a great story to tell, with not only being successful now but having a very bright future. We are a leader in an industry that is thriving.” –Kyle

“BMC will dedicate resources and support you in your job and your future goals. You just have to be willing to work hard and embrace every challenge that comes your way.”

“Mentoring and training play a huge part in how BMC operates. We continue to focus on the future and building a succession plan for our business. With our growth, there are numerous opportunities for sustained and successful careers that encompass everything from Sales and Marketing to Operations and Distribution.”

“My job is exciting because of the vast array of personalities and people we work with on a day-to-day basis. As a Sales Manager, I get to work with all parties involved in the process of building a home.“

“And, BMC has made me of a more philanthropic person. I get to be involved in our Nationally Sponsored Charity, Light the Night. Given the challenges of our growing business, it’s impressive that BMC continues to instill values in their workforce that focus on philosophies such as charitable giving and ethics.”

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