Meet Lindsey

She never gives up. She brings her best to her team and stares down a challenge. And she builds relationships that last. As a BMC outside sales rep and a lifelong soccer player, Lindsay knows the value of thinking without limits and letting your talents shine.

And we are like family at BMC. We know that being there for each other and our customers is at the core of business success. When we build a home, we know we’re making a dream come true—that’s our responsibility and our privilege.

And it’s what inspires employees like Lindsey—every surface and finishing touch is an opportunity to make her customers’ lives more beautiful. This means she’s always learning on the job, supported by her BMC team and driven by her passion.

Lindsey’s customers trust her judgment—and so do we. With a listening ear, impeccable taste, and fresh product knowledge, she helps turn dream homes into reality.

Outside Sales Rep - At BMC the Outside Sales Representative is defined by the three Es: efficient operations, effective sales, excellent service. Building relationships is the cornerstone of sales success - our reps secure new business to increase our market share and drive value. With total focus on new and existing accounts, they tend these relationships with the superior customer experience that is the hallmark of BMC. View Job Description

“I really listen to my customers. It gives me joy that they really have put their trust in me." –Lindsey

“BMC has given me the opportunity to become a specialist in one of the most important fields of interior design. Sitting with a customer and going through a fresh set of plans, showing them all that we offer—I feel like I’m part of their family.”

“I love that I’m able to build closer relationships with local builders and homeowners in the area, because BMC gives me the freedom to take on multiple projects and see them through to the end.”

“And BMC really values their employees. As part of the Cabinet Division, I participate in our annual National Cabinet Conference. At the meeting we’re exposed to new products, upcoming trends and we get to discuss what has worked for us, what hasn't worked. It's a great way to boost everyone's morale. We get information that really helps us work on our personal growth as designers.”

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