Meet Ryan

He’s new to the game. He’s ready to grow, and eager to learn. And as a new sales recruit at BMC, Ryan is honing the skills he’ll need to succeed.

That’s part of what makes BMC such a great place to start your career. We’re always looking for bright people to join us and make a meaningful impact on our business.

Which is why Ryan is being trained in all facets of what we do for our customers. We’ve matched him with knowledgeable mentors who know the ropes and can feed his curiosity—so when Ryan does start making sales, he’ll be able to back up his pitches with the real-world knowledge he earned.

Because at BMC, we strive for excellence in everything we do. We set the bar high, and as Ryan can attest, we do everything we can to help our people reach it.

Sales Trainee - At BMC, Sales Trainees get to touch the job from every angle - learning the company, our products, and the way we do business in about 12 months. We give them the time and resources to dig deep, and grab every opportunity to excel. Trainees can focus on getting their hands around real experience - with mentors and coaches by their side. The outcome: confidence and competence for a successful career at BMC. View Job Description

“My favorite thing about BMC is that there is so much opportunity and it couldn't be a better time to be in the industry." –Ryan

My whole experience has been very, very smooth. I've had someone with a lot of knowledge at every spot that I've been trained. They give you strict instructions on what you need to do, and at the same time, they're very friendly and encouraging, and they make sure you know what you need to know.

The program I've entered into is a sales training position, where they started me off in the warehouse to learn the position and the material. There was someone showing me what to do, how they do it, and why they do it. And now that I've moved inside, I get to find out how blueprints work, how they do everything—and I get to learn from several different people.

So, the onboarding experience is very cool. You get to see so many different parts. Instead of coming out of college and not knowing anything and starting in an office, I’m understanding what I'm doing and what I'm selling—and that's definitely very beneficial.

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