Meet Todd

He’s adaptable. He’s sharp. He understands the importance of education and the pursuit of excellence. And as a Millwork Location Manager for BMC, Todd is proof that honesty, hard work and a little help can take you far.

BMC helps its people get there by placing the bar high and setting them up for success. We invite our employees to envision their future—and do what we can to help make it happen.

So when Todd decided he wanted to go back to school, his BMC manager helped him adjust his schedule to work full time and take night classes. In four years, Todd earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees and now has ambitions to reach executive management.

Something tells us he’ll make it—and all along the way, we have no doubt he’ll inspire the next generation of leaders at BMC to follow through on every opportunity and act with integrity at every step.

Location Manager III - At BMC, the Millwork Location Manager always has their eyes on the details, an awareness of the big picture. They direct, manage, and oversee the millwork activities for their location - from operations and manufacturing to service. This role is key to sales success, delivering operational support that maximizes productivity and profitability. With a sharp focus on their team and location, these managers are pillars for the greater success of BMC - delivering the very best to our customers, every single time. View Job Description

“If a new employee approaches their job with enthusiasm, is honest about what they don’t know and has the confidence to take advantage of new opportunities, they can achieve all their goals at BMC.” –Todd

When I started with BMC I had no experience and had not yet completed college. After working for BMC for just over a year, I was encouraged to go back to school and finish my degree if I had any aspirations to be in management.

I finished my bachelor’s degree in marketing in two years and completed my MBA two years after that. I likely wouldn’t have ever finished my degree or even considered going to graduate school if it was not for the support of BMC and encouragement of my manager.

The people I have watched succeed are always the hardest working people in their group and consistently exceeding expectations. All the current managers in my group now started in entry-level positions and advanced to become leaders in the market.

I really enjoy the challenges each day brings. Working with all the great people in our facilities to resolve problems and improve processes gives me a feeling of accomplishment every day. Our business can tend to change rapidly and we are continuously adapting to improve customer service and employee satisfaction.

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