Meet Kevin

He’s a team player. He’s skillful, agile and focused on the goal. And as a Millwork Operations Manager for BMC, Kevin understands his role in helping a strong team achieve big things.

BMC credits its success to our many All-Stars: employees who go the distance to please our customers, and strive to work together for the win.

That’s why you’ll often hear Kevin talk sports when he’s motivating his team. He leads by helping every player involved understand their role in the game plan, and how quality, reliability and respect make everyone’s goals more attainable.

That's a winning formula at BMC. With leaders like Kevin as your coaches and a dedication to professional development in the playbook, you’ll feel part of a championship squad every day.

Millwork Operations Manager - At BMC, the Millwork Operations Manager is both supervisor and coach for a team that tackles unloading, warehousing, order filling, load building, delivery, and housekeeping. They keep their eyes on the ball across critical details for the millwork yard, shop, warehouse, trucking, and safety. All this adds up to superior service and the big win: customer loyalty. View Job Description

“I love dealing with the different facets of our business. In the middle of the day I juggle what it takes to take care of our customers, make sure my sales people are being serviced, and care for the wellbeing of all my employees. The reward from making that happen on a daily basis has no gauge or scale—it’s simply rewarding!” –Kevin

I was raised and disciplined through sports, and there is no better way to teach someone the value of teamwork. That is why to this day as I’m talking to my supervisors, mangers, and or hourly employees, you’ll always hear me reference teamwork and sports in some form or fashion.

I started with BMC when I was 33 years old and unmarried, and since then I’ve gotten married we had our first child together. Working for BMC has allowed me to take care of my family, and watch us grow as a unit.

My son, who is now 13 years old, has only known his Dad to work for BMC. I love that he can see me with a career that’s steady in his eyes. When he tells people what his Dad does, it makes me feel proud.