Making Sense Out of PVC Decking

With the increasing interest in outdoor living spaces, materials are constantly being developed that will allow homeowners to enjoy their outdoors without spending time on maintenance. Such was the case with cellular pvc decking when it developed over a decade ago. Using a similar technology that was being used for other building materials, cellular pvc decking offers a deck board that is lighter in weight than wood, has excellent workability, and meets the desire for low maintenance in a variety of colors and surface textures. Available in a variety of price points, cellular pvc decking is a product that can be considered across most budget ranges – especially considering the lifetime warranty that comes without the need for ongoing yearly maintenance. 

Most of the non-wood decking materials also have the ability to be curved and bent for unique and artistic deck designs. This flexibility expands the design possibilities into areas that would never be practical to consider with wood.

It is also likely that, during the deck selection process, you will discover that one of the biggest factors in the decision may focus on the cost of the decking. When you are evaluating decking options, especially cellular pvc, it is important to remember that only the surface area of the deck requires the upgraded material. The understructure, traditionally pressure treated lumber, will remain the same regardless of choosing cellular pvc for the surface. Therefore, when low maintenance cellular pvc is factored into the lifetime costs of a deck, including material, installation and yearly maintenance fees, it quickly becomes apparent that cellular pvc decking makes a strong financial investment.