Not All Pressure Treated Wood is the Same

Pressure Treated Deck

It starts with the wood. Culpeper uses only the finest southern yellow pine. From there, our wood undergoes proprietary treatment process—depending on need and application—to ensure that we offer the highest quality, best-performing, wood-treated products in the industry. Some of our revolutionary products include: DuraPine®, DuraPine FRT/D-Blaze® (fire retardant wood), DuraPine Elite Treated (primed and treated wood trim), DuraPine Laminated Columns, Penta Porch Flooring Poles, and many other custom products.

  • Quality Comes Standard with Culpeper
  • Proven. Used effectively since 1954
  • Guaranteed. Culpeper wood carries limited lifetime warranties
  • Safe. Residential treatments contain no arsenic and are non-toxic
  • Economical. Long-lasting and retains structural integrity for years

Our DuraPine treated wood and decking is a premium non-arsenic based effective treatment against termites and fungal decay, both above ground and in ground. DuraPine has become the most successful alternative to CCA treated wood and is ideal for multiple residential and industrial applications. Culpeper DuraPine products treated with copper azole (CA) are recognized for their durability, extended life and corrosion resistance, making DuraPine a wise choice for lasting solutions.

For the longest lasting wood, this form of Wolmanized® treatment is available for above ground or ground contact use and takes advantage of a hybrid copper azole preservative, combining the best features of dissolved and dispersed copper.

This wood is effective against termites and fungal decay, and is ideal for many residential and commercial applications. Products are available for both above ground and ground contact uses.

When southern pine is pressure-treated, it is completely saturated with water and a liquid solution of copper azole preservative. As the wood dries out, it shrinks. The best place for this shrinkage to occur is at the treating plant under controlled circumstances, not in a deck or other outdoor structure after wood is installed. In the re-drying process (typically KDAT - Kiln Dried After Treatment), DuraPine treated wood is separated by space and exposed to a controlled air flow so the wood dries uniformly.

To achieve the very best pressure treated Southern Yellow Pine 5/4x6, 2x4's and 2x6's for decking, handrails and other areas where appearance is a prime consideration, Culpeper recommends DuraPine Premium KDAT Decking and DuraPine Classic 2x4s and 2x6s. DuraPine Classic Decking is visually inspected and kiln dried after treatment. The finest quality available, DuraPine Classic decking, is planed a second time-on the best face plus two edges-for optimum appearance, and it has saw kerfs on the back side to relieve pressure and minimize cupping after installation.

Southern Yellow Pine framing lumber is graded for structural strength values and not appearance, therefore; Culpeper has gone one step further. For the finest selection in appearance a C and better (clear one face, two edges) is used to manufacture DuraPine Classic decking. DuraPine Classic decking has the structural strength and the beauty of the individual characteristics of wood.