Build a Competitive Advantage from the Foundation Up

One thing that homes have in common, regardless of location, is direct contact of their foundations with the earth. As a result, it is critical to protect below-grade walls and foundations from potential moisture damage. Installing exterior continuous foam insulation systems can significantly reduce heat loss through concrete walls, resist hydrostatic pressure, help keep crawl spaces dry, and help protect against frost.

Dirt is not an effective insulator. Neither is concrete. That’s why the foundations of many new homes built to current code fail to properly protect against the harmful impact of moisture and cold.

Insulating basement walls, including rim joists helps increase the energy efficiency of both new and older homes, and provides long-term thermal performance to warm the basement wall while also providing moisture-resistance to help prevent that “damp basement” feeling.

Dow Building Solutions offers a broad array of solutions to fit the specific needs of below-grade wall and foundation applications for both new construction and retrofit projects, including THERMAX™ Sheathing, STYROFOAM™ Brand PERIMATE™ Insulation, STYROFOAM™ Brand WALLMATE™ Insulation, and FROTH-PAK™ Foam Sealant. With high performance solutions from Dow, homebuilders and remodeling professionals can offer their customers enhanced energy efficiency, improved moisture protection and hydrostatic pressure resistance that will help keep their basements dry and comfortable while realizing energy savings.

For further comfort and efficiency, basement and crawl space walls can be insulated on the interior, offering extra protection and a foundation for a finished living space. A great option is STYROFOAM™ Brand Insulation, which can be left exposed up to 3 inches in basement applications.

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