The Benefits of Cedar Decking

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When a timelessly natural look is the top priority in choosing a decking material, homeowners and professional builders alike opt for classic cedar. As with all decking materials, there are some important facts about cedar to take into consideration before making a commitment.

What To Expect – Cedar, Any Way You Want It

Rustic Look

Cedar is a popular and time-tested wood for decks, but to keep its beautiful original color it must be cleaned annually and coated/stained every 2 - 3 years. Less maintenance will result in grayish discoloration, creating a more rustic appearance.

Fresh Look

Cedar is a softwood that naturally resists rot, decay, and insect damage. Since it repels moisture, warping and/or splitting is unlikely. A cedar deck will require some work to preserve a desired color tone.

Stained Look

With scheduled power-wash cleanings and staining, a cedar deck can maintain a desired color and finish for a long time. With its rustic characteristics like knots and grains, it delivers a stunning impression and vibrant setting for outdoor living. For wood deck purists, cedar is the natural choice.

Things To Know – Making the Grade

Cedar boards used in decking come in a variety of grades. Each providing a distinct look and range of pricing.

Architect Clear

Cedar boards with this grade are as good as it gets. They are free of knots and blemishes, while featuring a beautiful fine grain. It is the finest quality board in structure and appearance.

Custom Clear

These cedar boards feature minimal knots and blemishes, offering a very sophisticated look with impressive durability and stability.

Architect Knotty

If a rustic look is the goal, this board is the perfect choice. It features tight knots with a smooth surface offering plenty of stylish charm.

Custom Knotty

This cedar board grade features more knots and larger knots, adding even more personality to a decking project. It is the most affordable choice in cedar decking.