The Anatomy of an Interior Door

All BMC interior doors are available with our pre-hanging option. This comprehensive package ensures a smooth installation. Each section is meticulously crafted to achieve a perfect fit. With this system, you can be confident the your installation will be hassle-free and your new door will offer unparalleled performance.

Door image

  1. 1 - DOOR SLAB

    The door slab is simply the door itself with no framing or hardware. Being the core of the doorway’s personality, its design can be simple or intricate to offer the desired statement. It is also the ideal starting point in constructing a brilliant entry system.

  2. 2 - JAMBS

    Interior door jambs are available in finger joint raw for painting and solid clear for staining

  3. 3 - FRAME

    The frame of an entry system is attached to the rough opening while surrounding and supporting the door. Its assembly is integral in allowing for an easy installation of door components. Typically, carpenter’s only use the straightest pieces of lumber to construct the frame.

  4. 4 - CASING

    Our casings range in sizes and styles in finger joint raw, primed, solid pine, and primed MDF.

  5. 5 - HINGES

    Hinges are more than functioning hardware that determine which direction the door will swing. They can be elegant accents of style that elevate the appearance of any entry system.

  6. 6 - LOCKSET

    A lockset is essentially the components and hardware that makes up the locking mechanism of a door. Being that there are hundreds of styles and finishes, locksets offer another great opportunity for homeowners to express their own personal tastes.

  7. 7 - STICKING

    Sticking is the machined, inside edge of rails and stiles. It is the section of a door that meets the panel, covering its edges and holding it in place.

Panel Styles

Doors are available in many different panel styles. Panels are sections crafted in the door slab. These sections could also be crafted with glass, also known as lights. The right door provides security while adding value to a home. Below are a few examples of panel styles.

Madison door imageCorvado door imageSanta Fe door imageConmore door imageCraftsman door imageCoventry door imageProvincial door imageCamden door imageContinental door imageAvalon door imageRockport door imageColonist door image


Although sometimes overlooked, sticking can provide subtle accents of elegance in the design of the door. The combination of sticking and panels is a huge part of a door's personality.

Door Sticking image
Door Sticking image
Door Sticking image

Door Handing

Choosing the correct door style is important, but door handing is crucial to getting the job done right. Does it open in or out? Is the handle on the left or right? These are important questions that must be answered prior to placing an order. The illustrations below are depicted from outside, looking into the room or structure.


The hinges are on the left and opens inward.
Interior Doors, Door Handling


The hinges are on the right and opens outward.
Interior Doors, Door Handling


The hinges are on the right and opens inward.
Interior Doors, Door Handling


The hinges are on the left and opens outward.
Interior Doors, Door Handling