Tips to Apply

What to expect when applying.

Be Prepared.


You can anticipate 90% of the interview questions. “Why do you want to work at BMC?” “What’s a tough problem you’ve solved?” Write down the top 20 questions you think you’ll be asked.


For every question on your list, write down your answer. This will increase your confidence and help make your answers automatic.


We want to understand how you think, so explain your thought process and decision making throughout the interview.


Many of the questions will be deliberately open-ended to provide insight into how you engage with problems and solve them. Talk through your thought process and ask questions if you need clarification.


Everyone gets better with practice. Practice your interview answers – out loud – until you can say each clearly and concisely.


BMC is an industry leader, but we also enjoy a family atmosphere. Here, we want everyone to succeed – even those interviewing for a job. So be yourself. You’ll find everyone at BMC to be open and friendly.