As a division of Cascade Wood Products, Turncraft has direct control of the raw materials used in their wood products. Unlike other column manufacturers, their ability to monitor materials at each step of the process ensures every Turncraft wood column will offer both the natural beauty and the quality needed to stand the test of time.

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Creating Beauty is an Exacting Process

For Architectural Series columns, finger-jointed*, or solid staves are milled to required dimensions, assembled using the strongest Type-I waterproof glue, then metal-banded for curing. A computer-controlled lathe turns the assembled shaft to the precise taper desired, complete with true architectural entasis. The top is profiled, the entire column is machine sanded and flutes are milled at precise intervals and depths, ending in full half-rounds at the top and bottom (except on Greek Doric).

*Using finger-jointed pieces conserves wood resources, reduces potential for warping and bow, and helps prevent checking or cracking of finished surfaces.

Alternative Building Materials

Turncraft has responded to the growing demand for alternative building materials. In 1994, they introduced their Poly-Classic® line of fiberglass-reinforced polymer (FPR) columns to offer customers a more versatile and durable alternative. In 2005, they added the Poly-Classic Craftsman line – a popular design made of expanded cellular PVC for easy assembly and virtually maintenance-free performance.

Wood Products are Treated and Protected

All paint-grade wood shafts and caps and bases are fully immersed in Woodtreat® MB wood preservative, formulated to protect against mold, mildew, and staining and decaying fungi; to control shrinking, swelling, end checking, splitting, grain raising, and warping; and for maximum compatibility with paint primers and topcoats. 

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