Norbord OSB offers the quality, value and solutions that meet the needs of today’s market place. Norbord brands build value into every project. Energy efficiency, reducing waste, material and labor costs for builders is our focus. Solutions with real value!


Durastrand pointSIX Premium Sub-Floor

Durastrand pointSIX® is a premium T&G sub-floor that is engineered for strength, durability and overall performance. Proven in the Pacific Northwest, Durastrand pointSIX features a patented taper on the 4-foot and 8-foot edges that is designed to be effective against edge swell. If the floor is exposed to rain and or humidity, the tapered edges can expand to become flush with the surface without ridging. The result – floors go down flat and stay that way. Add in our 1-year no-sand guarantee and 50-year limited warranty and nothing can hold you back.

Wall Sheathing

Norbord Longer Length OSB enables building professionals to match the right-size sheathing to wall heights and joist depths, allowing for faster and more efficient construction:

TallWall Wall Sheathing

TallWall® OSB wall sheathing has been used by the nation’s home-building industry for over 20 years and was the first longer-length wall sheathing in the market. Available in 9’ and 10’ lengths, TallWall provides builders and framers with additional advantages when compared to traditional 4×8 wall sheathing installed horizontally. The Home Innovation Research Center conducted air leakage tests that compared vertically installed TallWall sheathing to standard 4×8 panels. The tests revealed a sharp reduction in air leakage – up to 60% compared to 4×8 panels installed horizontally under the same conditions.

QuakeZone Wall Sheathing

In this labor market, builders and framers need wall sheathing that allows them to build faster while meeting code. QuakeZone® wall sheathing is precut for the way you frame, allowing you to build faster and increase productivity. Norbord’s QuakeZone accelerates construction because framers simply nail it in with minimal cutting, handling and waste. Pre-Cut QuakeZone lengths are available from 103 7/8” up to 134 7/8”.

Windstorm Wall Sheathing

Build homes to withstand high winds - Meet hurricane wind codes, eliminate blocking at horizontal joints and reduce or eliminate metal hardware. That easily translates into savings of up to $1,000 or more per home in construction material, labor and waste. There are a lot of high wind events across the country, and Windstorm® offers significant advantages in all areas. Windstorm lengths are available from 97 1/8″ up to 145 1/8″ in 7/16 and 15/32 thickness categories.

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