GRK Fasteners™

Drive with Speed, Quality, and Confidence

Faster Installations: GRK offers a full line of differentiated products for a variety of applications. Innovative, patented features like our Zip-Tip™ and W-Cut threads are specially designed to bite instantly and with less torque for effortless fastening. This allows for almost twice as many screws drive per battery life, especially with larger diameter screws. Quality products mean no wasted time on the job site. Labor savings turn into dollar savings, more so over the life of the project. Case hardened steel screws will not break and heads won’t pop during installation.

GRK Fasteners
GRK Fasteners

Building Code Approved:
Confidence that our products will perform, even after the project is complete. All GRK screws have been evaluated for structural values in compliance with IBC/IRC specification. Our high tensile, torque and shear strength allow for immense drawing power out performing most other competitive fasteners. AC257 code approved for corrosion resistance in treated lumber, Climatek™ is the foremost name in corrosion protection and is exclusively available on GRK products. With a limited Lifetime Warranty, you can rest assured your installations will withstand the test of time.

GRK Fasteners
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