CLC Work Gear

CLC® has been the industry standard for 35 years through an unrivaled dedication to innovation, craftsmanship, and quality. Their product designers have worked tirelessly to create classic styles with functional features that fit the needs of all Tradesmen. Not only are their products stylish and functional, they’re built tough.

CLC<sup>®</sup> Work Gear
CLC<sup>®</sup> Work Gear

Designed for Professionals

All of their aprons and combos meet the needs of the industry with the use of quality materials like ballistic nylon, ballistic polyester, and heavy leather. Recently, CLC has introduced its NEW Signature Elite Series of aprons and pouches geared towards professional Framers.

CLC makes products that fit the needs of General Contractors, Carpenters, Electricians, and Construction Workers. Packed with features, their tool belts and tote bags are depended upon by more Tradesmen than any other brand. These professionals appreciate CLC’s quality, value, and features, like the patented pouch handles, gusset pocket design, variety of pouches, belts, and tool holders. CLC is always thinking about how to make the job easier.

CLC<sup>®</sup> Work Gear
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