The people at Buffelen Woodworking have been making doors to fit any opening since 1913.  We are a manufacturing company built on traditional values that is reinventing itself everyday with state of the art equipment and capabilities to serve the marketplace for the next 100 years.


The craftsmanship required to build quality doors that last for generations hasn't changed. It still requires skill to craft joinery that fits precisely and creates the kind of strength that allows them to last for decades. The tools have changed; the joiner’s planes have been replaced with modern, multifunction CNC tooling that allows us to precisely and repeatedly create components that fit right the first time, whether we’re creating a one-off custom or a complete run of doors for a complex new development. The craftsman’s touch also remains. All Buffelen doors are hand assembled, sanded and finished to ensure that every door leaving our plant fully represents the standard of quality we've established throughout our nearly 100-year history.

In the past, we’ve maintained a stock of every door we make. Today we build it faster, better and with more precision than ever before. We build exactly what you want, to order. We’ll work with you every step of the way to build a superior product. Then we’ll deliver. In weeks. Not months.

Success today depends on having the flexibility to compete. Gone are the days when you can build one door one day and another the next day. Modern tooling and equipment allows us to build them all at the same time. We are capable of building seven different profiles simultaneously - and have 16 different species on site at all times.

But you can rest assured that every Buffelen door created today carries with it the legacy of quality and craftsmanship we’ve built with every door.

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