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Framing with BMC Components is an efficient, reliable solution for today’s builder. Systems are designed and optimized to lower cost while adding value to the framing process. Components are manufactured in accordance with the Truss Plate Institute (TPI) standards and certified by the Structural Building Components Association (SBCA, formerly WTCA). Manufactured components are backed by BMC’s guarantee of performance.

BMC Components Offerings

Stick House
Floor Truss

Common Component Solutions

  • Engineered solutions ensure quality and efficiency while reducing warranty claims
  • Components are designed and constructed per approved building codes
  • Faster to install requires less skilled labor and reduced cycle time, lowering labor cost
  • Less jobsite waste leads to lower disposal fees and a cleaner jobsite
  • A green solution with optimized framing
  • Reduced jobsite loss due to damaged material, miscuts or theft

Roof Truss Advantages

  • Engineered roof system with all loads tracked
  • Minimize the need for interior bearing walls or support beams
  • Rapid installation enables faster frame dry-in times

Floor Truss Advantages

  • Greater span capability than dimensional lumber, thus potential to reduce number of interior bearing walls
  • Open framing solution which provides space for HVAC, plumbing and electrical runs without field modifications and additional back framing cost
  • Wide 3-1/2" nailing surface for easy floor deck installation

Wall Panel Advantages

  • Reduces cost, improves efficiency and speeds up the construction process
  • Assembled in a controlled environment, which provides consistent quality fit and finish
  • Labeled and shipped to jobsite with placement plans

BMC Installed Solutions (SIS)


BMC offers a wide range of installed products that are managed with BMC Installed Solutions (SIS). This powerful tool brings a structured approach to installed services starting with estimating and through all of the construction phases. Our product and support specialists are ready to assist you and ensure the job is done correctly and on time. SIS is part of BMC's free value-added services and allows you to save time and money while enjoying these benefits:

  • Turnkey material and labor estimates eliminate budget variance
  • Qualified and insured installer minimizes callbacks and punch list items
  • Quality assurance and inspections by BMC’s field supervisors guarantee job satisfaction
  • Transparency to status of job or quote
  • Fewer bills take up less administrative time and energy
  • Save time by going paperless and managing multiple jobs from one location

BMC Estimating & Design

BMC Estimating & Design

BMC is committed to using the latest whole-house technology for Design and Estimating solutions. Our highly-skilled team of designers and estimators are focused on both value design and optimizing your structural frame needs.

Design Services

  • Whole-house 3D modeling with vertical loads tracked
  • Optimized structural design analysis for mixed framing solutions including Engineered Wood Products, Components, and Dimensional Lumber
  • Placement plans and material takeoffs included for sold jobs
  • Design calculations provided upon request

Estimating Services

  • Itemized material list reports
  • Cut logic reporting
  • Field layout documents

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