Green Building Solutions

Our goal is to make your Green Building as simple and straightforward as possible. We are a proud member of the Green Building Council.

Green Building Solutions
We give preference to suppliers whose products meet green building standards, and suppliers who demonstrate their commitment to sustainability. BMC distributes products that contribute to energy efficiency, healthy living and the sustainable use of resources. Our product lines include engineered wood products, energy-efficient windows, insulation systems, and other products that are manufactured to meet green building standards. We manufacture building components such as trusses and wall panels that support green building by reducing waste on the job site, using recycled materials, and improving the durability of the structural frame.

Our job-site construction services reduce waste in the construction process. BMC employs design systems and software that optimize the design of the structural frame with material-efficient framing techniques that improve its strength, performance and durability, while reducing the use of excess materials.

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