Let Technology Put You Ahead of Schedule and the Competition with Computerized Pre-Cut Framing Lumber at BMC.


READY-FRAME®, The Whole-House Solution

How does it work? It’s easy! You give us the plans and we cut everything you need, just how you need it. The READY-FRAME® package ships Smart-Bundled —compact, pre-cut and labeled—ready for your framers to assemble on the jobsite faster and more accurately with less waste, resulting in a cleaner and safer jobsite. Built right the first time!

Less Risk. Less Labor. Less Waste.

We Guarantee the Takeoff

We Guarantee the Takeoff

With READY-FRAME®, your plan goes through BMC’s Whole-HouseDesign to optimize material usage, and identify potential plan errors that could result in material misuse and waste. Your takeoff is guaranteed!

Build 20% Faster with the Same Crew

Build 20% Faster with the Same Crew

READY-FRAME® efficiencies translate into optimized builds up to 20% faster than stick-frame construction with the same crew. (Results may vary by market). Build more houses in less time!

Build Greener, Cleaner, and Safer

Build Greener, Cleaner, and Safer

READY-FRAME® precision pre-cut and labeled bundles equal fewer cuts and less waste, resulting in reduced disposal fees. READY-FRAME® promotes an organized, safe and clean jobsite. You get exactly what you need!

Builder Questions

Will I Save Money If I Go to a READY-FRAME® Package?

YES! Our READY-FRAME® package is pre-cut, labeled and assembled to optimize efficient use of materials. You can frame in less time with less labor and less waste.

Will I Need More Technically Savvy Framers To Properly Use READY-FRAME® Packages?

NO! READY-FRAME® packages require less supervision in the field, and the organization of the deliveries create a neat and more orderly jobsite.

Will My Framer Charge Me More For Using a Complicated Technical Process Like This?

NO! Framers love our READY-FRAME® pre-cut lumber because it helps them do a better, cleaner, quicker job. And it’s safer too with less cutting.

Do My Plans Need To Be Perfect If I Use READY-FRAME® Packages?

NO! We frequently discover and correct architectural plan errors while going through the design process.

How Does a READY-FRAME® Package Affect Billing?

Because your price is guaranteed, a one line item invoice simplifies accounting and reduces administrative costs.


READY-FRAME<sup>®</sup> is better!


Computerized designs reduce mistakes and material misuse.

READY-FRAME<sup>®</sup> is faster!


Wall framing is pre-cut, labeled and ready to assemble. Save up to one day per floor!

READY-FRAME<sup>®</sup> is safer!


Less cutting on the job reduces injury risk for a safer and cleaner jobsite.

READY-FRAME<sup>®</sup> is greener!


Put less in the dumpster, reduce disposal fees and have a cleaner site.