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Pack and level soil, asphalt, gravel, stone, and other materials with this tamper from MintCraft™'s pro series. Also features a lacquered wood handle.
This shovel features 10 inches of cushioned grip and a 14- gauge steel head, making it ideal for digging in hard, rocky soil. An oversized forward step provides additional comfort during deep, tough digging jobs.
One piece. Head Material: AISI/SAE 1045 Steel. Best for cleaning rocks and roots from post holes and ditches.
Fir has tight grain lines, which resist warping, and is one of the most reliable species of wood when it comes to stability.
This set includes (1) 9-pattern spray nozzle and (1) 3-way adjustable nozzle. The locking clip allows for continuous water flow.
Save time and hassle with bags of pre-split kindling.
This scoop features an aluminum blade and a wood handle that is ideal for light applications like scooping grain, snow, or mulch.
Dig deep, precise holes with this MintCraft™ post hole digger. Fiberglass handles and a lacquered head provide durability and strength.
Scrape a variety of materials, including ice and concrete, with this heavy-duty scraper from MintCraft™'s Pro series. A forged steel head and rubber grip handle make this scraper ideal for removing tough material from flat surfaces or for loosening tile and other flooring.
This drain spade features a steel head, collar, and rear step, which is ideal for tough shoveling applications. The fiberglass handle resists bending and breaking, while the D-grip provides added user comfort.
This tank sprayer is designed for 30 Seconds Outdoor Cleaners. The ergonomic handle provides user comfort while the anti-clog filter allows for constant, interruption-free spraying. Tank is compatible with bleach and corrosion resistant to harsh chemicals. Also features wand holder and adjustable spray/stream nozzle.
This adjustable nozzle adjusts from a fine mist to a concentrated jet stream. Attach to a threaded front nozzle or hose end. Ideal for cleaning driveways and sidewalks.
The WaterSaver® is a light duty garden hose that's ideal for light garden chores. Solid ABS plastic Finger-Tite® female couplings and a durable clear jacket provide durability and performance.
1-13 of 13 products