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Insulation Accessories
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This sill seal foam gasket is a flexible polyethylene foam strip that helps reduce infiltration around windows and doors and between a concrete foundation and sill plate.
Tyvek® HomeWrap® Tape seals the seams and penetrations of all Tyvek® roll goods, providing optimal protection against the infiltration of air and water.
MFM's self-adhering, waterproof flashing tape prevents the penetration of water, moisture, and air around windows, doors, and other openings.
Tyvek® Flashing Tape is a poly top sheet flashing to seal windows and doors to Tyvek® roll goods.
Barricade Ulti-Flash flexible rubber deck flashing protects against moisture and water vapor penetration that can cause mold, decay, and prevent long term damage.
This construction tape from WEATHERMATE™ offers exceptional strength, durability, and impact resistance. It is recommended for sealing joints and seams in housewrap and insulated sheathings.
Barricade® Seam Tape provides a secondary line of defense against exterior moisture penetration when used as part of the wall envelope. It can also be used to repair housewrap and job site damage to sheathings.
ZIP System® Tape is an advanced acrylic adhesive that delivers a superior air and watertight seal that withstands years of harsh weather. It is easily and quickly applied by hand or by using a ZIP System® Tape Gun to maximize jobsite efficiency.
Barricade® Flash Right™ window and door flashing tape is a high-performance, asphalt-based window and door flashing membrane. It is designed to provide a permanent weather-tight seal to protect against moisture, leaks, and air penetration.
ZIP System™ Stretch Tape easily conforms to corners and curves to form a ZIP IT TIGHT™ seal, even around fasteners.
Kimberly-Clark Block-It Straight Flashing Tape is designed to provide seamless protection against moisture during construction and after siding is installed.
This seam tape barrier tape can help create effective weatherization, protecting your structure from moisture (which can cause mold, rot, and structural failure).
REX™ Bluebond is a strong, high-performance housewrap seaming tape. The acrylic adhesive provides bond strength in cold and tropical environments. It is formulated to have quick tack adhesion, aiding in installation as well as providing resistance to aging, weathering, sunlight, and yellowing.
By sealing seams on building wrap and sheathing, GreenGuard® tape adds an extra layer of air and moisture protection to residential and commercial construction. It can also be used to repair minor damages to building wrap and sheathing.
1-14 of 14 products