Flashing & Vapor Barrier

Flashing & Vapor Barrier
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This flashing cap helps protect valuable decking installations from water damage.
Moistop® Corner Shield integrates into the wall system to create a seamless barrier in the most vulnerable section of the window installation. Less costly than sill pans and more user friendly than rigid pieces, Moistop® Corner Shield has the flexibility to conform to framing and provide solid protection. The strong polyolefin construction is resistant to job site wear and tear so you can rest assured that Moistop® Corner Shields are a reliable solution.
To outwit the elements, use Trex® RainEscape® tape to channel away rain drips and snow. Place between an upstairs deck and a downstairs ceiling to provide worry-free electronic installation.
FortiFlash® is engineered to deliver lasting protection against water intrusion in the most demanding environmental conditions. It is ideal for flashing non-roofing horizontal conditions such as pot shelves, parapets, sill pans, and recessed windows. Strong adhesion makes it a perfect choice for sealing around common through-wall penetrations such as hose bibs, vents, electrical boxes, and exterior lights. Reinforced by a strong, cross-laminated, high-density polyethylene film, FortiFlash® can be installed around protrusions and into the tightest corners without delaminating or tearing. Its self-sealing rubberized asphalt core stays in place in the most punishing weather conditions.
GreenGuard's flashing is designed to seal the interface around wall penetrations such as windows, doors, pipe penetrations, and other areas that may require a weatherproof seal. It is made of polyolefin film with a rubber-modified asphalt adhesive.
1-5 of 5 products